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Botanical Backdrops is located in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. We provide gorgeous flower backdrops that have been created backdrops from the best silk florals, carefully arranged to ensure a natural, three-dimensional style. With three different flower walls and new additions to choose from, there's a product to suit any event that will really wow your guests. 


The team behind Botanical Backdrops are three friends; Adele, Jake & Natalie. With years of experience in hospitality and events, we know that it’s important to add those special touches to really event your function or event. We love being hands on with our business, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and add new items for our wonderful clients to hire.


“Adele is a lover of all things fine- especially wine. An events guru by trade, Adele knows exactly what’s needed to make any event spectacular and she reckons flower walls do just that!”

“Nat is most definitely the brains of the operation- she is our out-the-box thinker, our problem solver as well as our butt-kicker when we need to get things done! There really isn’t much Nat can’t do!”


“The creative eye of the business, Jake loves to make everything we do look beautiful.  He’s got an eye for detail and a passion for events and hospitality- we’re certainly lucky to have him on our team!”


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